Already, for the eighth time at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, one of the oldest research centers in Europe, the largest night educational event was held under the patronage of the Minister of Education, entitled "A night at the Institute of Aviation".

Over 37,000 residents from the capital, but also from all over Poland, visited the Institute in this unique and exciting stage during the evening, which from the beginning was to popularize the aviation and space sector in Poland, as well as engineering professions.
The exhibitors, in a record number of 70 participants so far recorded, have prepared unique attractions for this evening. Among them there were, among other things, airplanes and helicopters, unmanned aircraft, vehicles, simulators, modern laboratories, robots and rovers, as well as exhibitions and shows. The event was an opportunity to talk with pilots and scientists.

Pratt & Whitney, composed of P&W Kalisz, P&W Rzeszów, P&W AeroPower Rzeszów and the Foundation for the Support of Education at the “Aviation Valley Association”, made its debut during the past edition. The Pratt & Whitney night exhibition tent attracted a large crowd of visitors. During the six hours of the event, the employees representing the Pratt & Whitney corporation were proudly talking about our business and products.
The joint P&W exhibition included static exhibitions:
model of PT6A-28 turboprop engine (PWK), GTF transmission - motion-light interactive exposition (PWR), auxiliary power unit APU (PW AP) and Virtual Reality flight simulator, model of airframe control, wind tunnel and the Morse alphabet, which were the exhibits of the Foundation .

"Participation in this venture was a deliberate decision," says Andrzej Czarnecki, Director of Communications at P&W Poland. "Night of live machines", as this year's edition of the "Night" in the Institute of Aviation was called, was the occasion for us to promote the brand on the domestic market, and to raise the awareness of young people and students, but also their families, of P&W corporation and aviation in general. We will definitely be here next year too."

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Pratt and Whitney AeroPower Rzeszów forms part of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) incorporating leading companies operating in the aviation and industry sectors. Pratt & Whitney AeroPower Rzeszów is a leader in the field of design, assembly and repairs of APUs (Auxiliary Power Units). The Rzeszów factory was officially registered under the name Hamilton Sundstrand Poland Sp. z o.o. (HSP) on 8 December 2009. Recently, the company has changed its name from Hamilton Sundstrand Poland to the current one.